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The Jawor Region is located in the south-west of Lower Silesia and is part of the KaczawskieMountains area, which is often called the ‘Land of Extinct Volcanoes.’ Numerous tourist trails go through the region, including the Cistercian Trail, the Diggers’ Trail and the Extinct Volcanoes Trail. Nowhere in Poland can you see so many volcanoes that have remained dormant for millions of years. They are the characteristic feature of the region and its special value. The area is also quite unique, in Poland and in Europe, because of its well-preserved nature and exceptional historic sites like the Church of Peace in Jawor, the castellany of Świny or BolkówCastle. The region is distinctive and natural, both to tourists and scientists who are just beginning to discover it. The area is lovely at any season – in spring and summer you can admire flowers of the xerothermic grasslands around Lipa, Radzimowice and Stare Rochowice.  The beautiful Molinia meadows near Nowa Wieś, Pomocne and Muchów with the blooming Gladiolus imbricatus or Dianthus superbus are among the most precious images of the region.

The JaworLand is also famous for its hidden treasures. Buried in Knights Templar castles, forgotten mines and dungeons, there are stories and legends of the AmberRoom, the gold of Wrocław or even the Holy Grail.

The JaworLand covers the whole JaworCounty, which includes two cities, Jawor and Bolków and the village communes of Paszowice, Męcinka, Wądroże Wielkie, and Mściwojów.

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